Private Lateral Assistance Programs

Lateral Grant Replacement Programs were created to help property owners handle the cost of replacing their ENTIRE sewer lateral (i.e. repairs and partial replacements are excluded from the program).

The sewer lateral is the portion of the sewer system, typically beginning at the junction with a house/building plumbing system, usually located within two (2) feet of the foundation of the house/building, and extending to and including the connection to the public sewer main in the street.

The upper lateral is the portion of your sewer lateral that runs from the junction of your house/building plumbing system to your property line or the public right-of-way. The lower lateral is the portion that connects your upper lateral to the public sewer main, including the point of connection.

After being approved by the city grant program, you’ll be able to reference a list of contractors that specialize in sewer replacement to schedule the job. That is where the professionals at Advanced Trenchless Inc. come in. Call us or Email our office to qualify for your free estimate on sewer repairs. 

Committed to Safe & Clean Sewer Replacement

Many counties will offer sewer replacement assistance to keep the community’s sewer lines complacent by either inspecting, testing, or repairing cracked pipes in your property’s sewer system to ensure that rainwater does not enter the sanitary sewer lines.

Overwhelming our sewer systems and treatment plants, allows sewage to overflow into the Bay. Advanced Trenchless Inc. has been committed to facilitating members of our community repair and replace broken sewer lines so that we all have access to safe and properly functioning drain systems. 

Below, are your county’s compliance forms, and information on sewer lateral assistance applications. Join Advanced Trenchless Inc. in continuing to keep the sewer systems clean and flowing in our community!

Sewer District Assistance Programs

We specialize in evaluating your sewer’s current condition.  More and more cities and sewer districts are creating programs to assist you with replacing your sewer line, mainly because of ever-changing EPA rules about the intrusion of rain and groundwater into sewage treatment plants.  Many cities are issuing “Compliance Certificates” to ensure that homeowners’ sewers are up to the current code.  We are experts at helping you find all the rebates that are currently available, and assuring that a “Compliance Certificate” will be awarded to you if necessary.

Below is a sample of the programs currently being offered in many of the cities associated with EBMUD or West Contra Costa County Sewer.  If you live in any of these cities or are not sure of your own district’s rebates, please feel free to contact us. We specialize in helping you obtain all of the rebates for which your sewer qualifies!

West County – PIPES Program Website (PIPES Application PDF)

Richmond – Sewer Lateral Grant Program (Program Application 2022-2023 PDF)

Berkeley – Private Sewer Lateral (PSL Certificate Application PDF)

East Bay MUD Areas (PSL Program) – (Obtain Compliance Certificate here)

Vallejo Sanitation & Flood Control District – (Upper Lateral Program Application PDF)

We also specialize in Sewer and Drain Cleaning, EBMUD Sewer Inspection, Sewer Lateral Testing, and the Compliance Certificate Certification Process.

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