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If you live in the Rebate affected areas and are in need of a Compliance Certificate or sewer replacement.

Sewer Line Replacement

Trenchless Sewer Line “Bursting”

  1. A video camera is sent through your line, with a sound transmitter attached. We locate the exact depth and location of the existing line.
  2. We dig two excavation points, one at the property line and the other at or near your house foundation.
  3. We now create adequate space for our pipe bursting equipment, by removing a small section of pipe on either end of the old sewer line. This gives us a clean working area so that we may insert the new pipe and make proper connections.
  4. We pull a very heavy stranded wire cable through the pipe and connect it to the bullet/bursting head. We attach a seamless plastic pipe to the other end of the bullet / bursting head and pull it through the old pipe, replacing your old sewer as it is pulled through.
  5. We have a very heavy duty hydraulic machine that does the pulling of the new pipe. The old pipe is expanded and pushed out of the way as the bullet/bursting head is pulled through it. The new HDPE plastic pipe is fused (welded) onsite with no glue or coupled connections. This results in no places for any intrusion of any sort anywhere along the pipe. This is far different from your existing pipe which has connection points in many places, as most segments are from 4 to 8 feet long between couplings.
  6. The pulling process is very efficient and is quickly achieved. At the two connection points we use only the best couplers that are specially designed for this application and approved by every sewer district in our coverage area for the Certificate of Compliance.
  7. The whole system is then tested for leaks. It is then inspected by our project foremen and the city inspector for compliance and then backfilled, tamped and landscaped to its original condition.

Open Trench Sewer Line Replacement or New Sewer Line

There are times when the trenchless replacement method will not work depending on the severity of the sewer line damage, and where it is located. At those times an open trench method is needed. And since the pipe bursting trenchless method depends on an existing sewer line, then new sewer lines also require an open trench to be made.

The cost of sewer line replacements (and repairs) varies based on factors above and below ground. Depending on the location and extent of damage, labor costs for digging a trench as opposed to the trenchless method can vary, even if it’s for the same pipe length.

So, if you are experiencing problems with your sewer lateral line and need advice from an expert, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with one of our courteous, knowledgeable technicians.

Trenchless System

Trenchless System