Water Heater Inspections

Water Heater Inspection

Signs you should call a licensed trenchless specialist to inspect or repair your water heater system.

  • Water Lines appear to be corroded. Usually due to your tank starting to leak. The anode rod has failed. The anode rod acts as a fail-safe and corrodes to protect the tank. Switching out the anode rod bi-yearly helps preserve the life of your tank.
  • Your T&P valve could also leak because it needs to be tightened or replaced. In any case, it's something you want to get addressed. Trying to lower the temperature of your water heater first is a first set in this situation.

Is your hot water running out quickly or not reaching the proper temperature?

If you are losing hot water quickly, the issue could be connected to a broken dip tube that has failed by not directing cold water to the bottom of the tank efficiently.

If the corrosion starts at the tank—which you may notice in water discoloration from the taps or corrosion around the pressure relief and gas control valve—the system must be replaced. Call our trenchless specialists and do not wait for the tank to start leaking.

We carry brand new units for you to convince.

Keep in mind that your gas water heater tank has a manufacturing life span of 8 to 12 years. Where an electric water heater could last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. It is best to call our trenchless specialist to advise further on the replacement of your unit before you are faced with an emergency decision.