Trenchless vs. Traditional

trenchless sewer repair

Trenchless technology will help you avoid ugly, and costly, lawn and yard damage that comes with traditional sewer repair because trenchless is much less invasive requiring very little or some cases no excavation that comes with traditional. You probably haven’t heard about trenchless sewer repair technology unless you are now facing the need for a sewer line repair or replacement.

Even though every situation is different, most of the time you will find the trenchless method to be a better option than digging a trench.

The cost of a traditional sewer pipe repair depends on how accessible the old pipe is, ground and soil conditions, concrete and other obstructions, and more, and therefore can be very costly. Then comes the cost of repairing your yard, repaving your driveway, etc.

Pipe Bursting: The pipe-busting method of trenchless technology sends a cone-shaped bursting head through the old pipe breaking it up along the way and pulling in a new pipe behind it. This method only requires two small access pits at the end of the old sewer pipe which means minimal excavation.

Traditional sewer repair will always come with various types of damage, repairing driveways, floors, landscaping and reseeding your lawn with new grass. Those problems and expenses are not an issue with the trenchless method.

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